Planning a successful wedding

After announcing your engagement to family and friends, you must start planning all the details for the Big Day. Planning a successful wedding isn’t as simple as it sounds, but it’s also not that complicated either. As long as you take your time and follow these steps, everything will turn out to be just like you have always dreamed of.

Enjoy your wedding day…

As photographers of Alison Saunders Celebrant, we let your wedding day unfold and capture the best, beautiful moments as well as giving you some natural direction when needed. Being behind the camera most of the time, we understand that having your photo taken can be a bit scary. We believe in taking a very relaxed and personal approach to your wedding. One of our most important things is to make you feel calm and comfortable so you will have natural, beautiful wedding photos being yourselves!

Planning a wedding to be perfect

The first step to take is choosing a wedding theme and style. Sit down with your partner to determine the style of the wedding. You will have to agree on location and decoration. It may be a traditional wedding or an informal ceremony on the beach but both should feel happy about the idea.

Once you decide the theme and style of the wedding it is very important to determine the budget and the economic responsibility of the expenses. Who will pay for the wedding? Will both parents contribute? Will you use your own money? Choose all the details based on that budget and respect it. It is very important that a concrete number is reached in order to avoid surprises and startling.

More details to go through

Create a guests list. Grab pencil and paper and start writing down the names of the people you want to invite. Four lists must be made: the bride’s friends and acquaintances, the groom’s friends and acquaintances, and the family on both sides. Later the four lists will be combined to create a definitive fifth. Don’t forget to include coworkers, bosses, neighbors, or other important people you see on daily basis.

The following to do when planning a wedding is start finding the proper location. Visit churches, temples, synagogues or chapels, according to the religion you practice. Once the visits are made and you two have decided which one you will marry in, reserve the date. It is important that you do it in advance. The demand is usually high and you probably want to keep the date chosen with your partner.

In order to release you from unnecessary stress, hire a wedding planner. Interview at least three of them, ask for references and budget. Your wedding planner will take on all the decoration and reception details, so stay in constant touch with him or her to supervise the process.

Don’t forget to book the hotel for your guests. There are always family members and friends who travel from their places of origin to attend the big day. Also, visit the local stores and start to try the wedding dresses you like. It is important that you identify the style that best fits your personality.

Lastly, interview the person in charge of officiating your wedding with your partner and discuss the terminology and words you want to use during the ceremony. They are always open to change. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Your ceremony has to be just as you dreamed it.

Choose the godparents and bridesmaids, clarify with them their role in the ceremony and let the wedding planner planning a wedding while you prepare for the big day!